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Elite 4 and Champion


Final Elite 4/Fire: zeronightmare12

3rd Elite 4/Ground: firewis

2nd Elite 4: Shastadog001

1st Elite 4/Ground: Aidobot

To Decide on who is the Elite 4 an Emerald Tourney will be held at the end of each month the top 4 players will become the Elite 4,

Current Elite 4 will battle to keep

there positions.

Zarthos Region's Gym Leaders

1st Gym:
Leader: Pandaman2020
Leaders Lvl Cap: 30
Type: Bug
Player Lvl Cap: 35

2nd Gym:
Leaders Lvl Cap: 35
Type: Lightning
Player Lvl Cap: 40

3rd Gym:
Leader: silver2256
Leaders Lvl Cap: 40
Type: Water
Player Lvl Cap: 45

4th Gym:
Leader: brammy07
Leaders Lvl Cap: 45
Type: Normal
Player Lvl Cap: 50

5th Gym:
Leader: brk3nny
Leaders Lvl Cap: 50
Type: Ground
Players Lvl Cap: 55

6th Gym:
Leader: Aidobot
Leaders Lvl Cap: 60
Type: Ice
Player Lvl Cap: 65

7th Gym:
Leader: Lawson
Leaders Lvl Cap: 60
Type: Flying
Player Lvl Cap: 65

8th Gym
Leader: zeronightmare12
Leaders Lvl Cap: 65
Type: Fire
Players lvl Cap: 70